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‘Gender is going to be wiped out’ in elite sport, lawyer claims

A leading sports lawyer and friend of transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey has told Neil Mitchell gender will be “wiped out” in sport in the future.

Catherine Ordway, Senior Fellow at Melbourne University’s sports law department was speaking on 3AW Mornings in defense of her friend Hannah Mouncey.

She said the decision to allow Hannah to play in the women’s VFL and not the AFLW is “very odd”.

“It’s inconsistent, why would they then allow her to play, in what you think would be a lesser competition, that wouldn’t be of the same levels of strength, stamina and experience as you would see in the AFLW,” Ms Ordway said.

“I think that gender, perhaps in our lifetime is going to be wiped out in the sports setting.

“We’ll just see people playing in levels that are appropriate for them.”

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“Wouldn’t you love to have Liz Cambage playing in one of the AFL teams? She’d be awesome,” she added.

Mouncey was formerly known as Callum, and transitioned to female in 2015.

Standing 6’2 tall and weighing 100kg, she was last year denied access to the women’s draft because of concerns about her strength.