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Gender pay gap shows girls being paid less for household chores

The gender pay gap may be starting in the home.

A new national survey by the Heritage Bank found girls are being paid less pocket money, on average, than boys for household chores.

‘According to our research, girls are paid around $10.60 a week, boys are paid around $11.80 a week,’ the bank’s marketing manager Jane Calder said on 3AW Mornings.

‘In terms of the reasons why, we were wondering when they they drive a harder bargain when it comes to pay.

‘Or when you look at the main reason people are given pocket money for, do they need more motivation to complete the tasks?’

Ms Calder said there was also a discrepancy between states.

3AW Mornings host Tony Jones took calls on how much kids should get for chores and what sorts of tasks they do.