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George Christensen to support inquiry into banks, defying Coalition


MP George Christensen indicated that he will cross the floor to support a government inquiry into the banks.

The Coalition government has previously rejected calls for an inquiry, but Queensland MP Bob Katter will introduce a bill to Parliament to set up a commission into misconduct in the sector.

Christensen, the Liberal National Party member for Dawson, tweeted his intentions on Wednesday evening to vote in favour of it, defying the Coalition:


Speaking to Ross Greenwood, Bob Katter affirmed his expectation that, with the government holding a one-seat majority in the lower house, the bill was very likely to pass should Christenson vote in favour.

‘We can get it through… I love a fight’ said Katter, who has long voiced support for a Royal Commission.

Katter told Money News that for Christensen, this is a moral issue. 

‘Even though he has great loyalty to his party machine and colleagues, he does what he thinks is the right thing. It’s pretty extraordinary down there.’

Listen to Ross Greenwood’s full interview with Bob Katter here: