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George Floyd riots: National Guard called as protests and vandalism stretch into sixth day

Thousands of people have gathered outside the White House, as protests, both peaceful and violent, continue across the United States for a fifth day.

Fifteen states have called in the National Guard, a division of the US Army reserves, to help quell unrest triggered by the death of African American man, George Floyd, at the hands of police in Minneapolis last week.

Mayors from at least 25 US cities have issued curfews in a bid to curb the violence.

Organisers of the peaceful protests have condemned rioting and looting, saying it has overshadowed their calls for justice.

Nine News US reporter, Alexis Daish, says while some protesters are genuinely outraged by George Floyd’s death, others are opportunistic criminals.

“What we’re seeing is people that truly, really believe in the messages they’re trying to convey,” she told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“Equally, we’re seeing these people coming out once it gets dark and simply committing crimes.”

Ms Daish said the mood at the protests is volatile, and things can quickly turn nasty.

“Yesterday was pretty unnerving when things changed at that protest in West Hollywood,” she said.

“It can go bad so quick.”

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Image: Star Tribune via Getty Images