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Gerard Healy’s message for those ‘outraged’ by smoking cricketers

Sportsday host Gerard Healy has a short, sharp message for those “outraged” by news Australian cricketers smoke cigarettes.

“I agree with those from the anti-smoking lobby who rightly said that they should know better in 2018,” the former AFL star said on Sportsday.

“There’s that much education, it’s impossible to believe that professional cricketers or athletes of any nature would smoke.

But it’s still their choice.

“There’s no upside to smoking, athlete or not.

“But to run the public outrage card is simply without merit.

“It wasn’t on TV, or at work, or in the vicinity of kids.

“If a moron with a camera didn’t take the picture and an editor didn’t publish it, nobody would be any the wiser.”

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