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German castle Lord wants to swap for a Melbourne home

The Lord of a German castle wants to swap it for a Melbourne home.

The Herald Sun reports Lord James Richard Welsh and his wife Ingrid Straub-Zerfowski are seeking to switch their extravagant 15th-century Schochwitz castle for a slice of the high life in the world’s most liveable city in the ultimate downsize move – an apartment.

‘Or a house,’ Lord James Richard Welsh told Ross and John today.

‘My son’s living in Melbourne now, I’ve been over a couple of times and I like the place.

‘If I sell (the castle) here I have to pay too much tax. If I swap it, I don’t have to pay tax!’

The features includes:

  • 28 bedrooms
  • 15 showers
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Central heating

And it’s all worth about AUD$1 million.

Burnso: Do you know what $1 million gets you in Melbourne?

Lord James Richard Welsh: Yeah, not much!

The incumbents set up the castle as a healing centre.

‘But it’s turned into a hotel, we’re too busy,’ Lord Welsh said.

You can learn more about the property here.