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Ghost busters! The Melbourne man who offers ‘ghost hunting’ services

A paranormal investigator is out to catch Melbourne’s darkest ghosts.

Bill Tabone is the Founder of the Australian Paranormal Society and has been busy chasing spirits from Aussie homes for 30 years.

With around 91,000 people following the society’s FaceBook page, it seems Melburnians agree ghosts are no joke.

Mr Tabone told 3AW Mornings he uses the latest technology to perform ‘ghost hunting’ and exorcisms across the state.

“Some ghosts get stuck here on the way to where they are supposed to be, and we believe there are a lot around,” said Mr Tabone.

“Spirits could get stuck because they might not know they’ve past, or maybe they want to torment those on the earth.

“I’ve got plenty of photos, videos and audios of ghost interacting with us.

“I have one video of a black entity walking from one room to the other.

“I don’t do this to gather evidence, I do it to educate people and to expand the field we are in.”

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