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Gillon McLachlan says he ‘didn’t really notice’ the Toyota logo in the goalsquare

AFL chief Gillon McLachlan has rejected suggestions West Coast’s 2006 premiership and Ben Cousins’ Brownlow Medal a year earlier are tarnished in any way.

It follows a week of scrutiny after a secret report into the Eagles’ culture during that period was made public.

Speaking with Neil Mitchell, McLachlan said there was no evidence to act on.

‘There’s never been any allegation or any evidence of anything related to performance-enhancing drugs,’ the league boss said on 3AW.

‘The players were tested, I can tell you, Ben Cousins was target-tested and tested on match day and never tested positive to any form of drug.

‘The actual recommendation of the Gillard report, which was an independent report, was that there was not enough evidence to charge the club with conduct unbecoming.

‘That was the actual recommendation to the commission.’

Meanwhile, the league chief responded to criticism of the Toyota logo making its way into the goalsquare.

Many fans weren’t impressed.

‘I did notice it too much, I had to say,’ McLachlan said.

The logo in goalsquare.

The logo in goalsquare.

He said it was simply a commercial reality.

‘That’s the real world answer,’ McLachlan explained.

‘Hopefully people understand.

‘It is a change, but I reckon in a couple of weeks people won’t notice.

‘I hope so, anyway.’

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