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Gillon McLachlan says AFL will support Nathan Lovett-Murray

Gillon McLachlan says the AFL will do everything it can to support Nathan Lovett-Murray.

The former Essendon star fears the drugs he was given during the club’s injection program have caused health problems for his daughter.

Harmony, three years old, is suffering from a mystery chest growth.

Gil says they have been in contact with Murray’s management.

“The AFL and Essendon Football Club will do everything we can to help Nathan and his family during a very tough period,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“The uncertainty of not knowing what the player’s got has always been the challenge.”

Murray has also said the saga has affected him mentally.

Also on the agenda was measures of security.

Gil has revealed he will be taking his family to the Queen’s Birthday clash on Monday confident in security measures.

“We live in an uncertain world, right now what we are doing I feel very confident taking my family to the football.

“You will see very visible security presence, and there will be some you won’t see.”

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