Gippsland council approves $21k trip to China and Japan



The Mayor of Latrobe City Darrell White has told Tom Elliott he believes his ratepayers are happy to cough up more than $20,000 to send him and two other council staff overseas.

“I believe they are,” the Councillor said, addressing the issue raised yesterday on 3AW Drive.

“We’re about creating international investment and opportunities for our region.

“We can either sit on our hands or try and do something about it.”

He said they would put the trip through a cost-benefit analysis later in the year.

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Latrobe City Council has approved an overseas trip worth more than $20,000 for its mayor and staff at a meeting earlier this week.

Orion, from local radio station 3GG, told Tom Elliott the trip will cost ratepayers $7000 for each council staff member who attends.

“They approved an outbound itinerary for a trip to China and Japan over 14 days this coming April,” Orion said.

“They endorsed the mayor, Darrell White to lead the delegation.

“The indicative costs are $7000 per person, the trip totaling $21,000, which will be taken out of council funds.”

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Orion said the council’s objectives are to support industry diversification to create economic growth and entice tourists to the area.

Photo: AAP