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Girl diagnosed with gender dysphoria at 3-years-old, now identifies as a boy

A little boy who was born a girl has written a book, with the help of his mum, to raise awareness and understanding about gender dysphoria in young children.

Mum Ebony Ogilvie took daughter Winnie to the Gender Clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital when she was just three-years-old.

Now six-years-old and in grade one, Winnie goes by Fred and takes the pronoun he.

Neil Mitchell asked Ebony if, at the age of three or six, a child can really understand the issues of gender or sexuality.

“Absolutely, from the moment Fred could speak he knew he was a boy, I can’t explain it,” Ebony said.

“Before he could even speak, everything about Fred was male.

“When Winnie was two-years-old and was wanting to wear boy’s clothes and looking at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I was trying to force a dress on her and take her to dance lessons, I knew something was up.”

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Ebony said Fred is now happy living as a boy, after progressively going from Winnie, to Winifred, to Freddie.

The pair have written a book, The Rainbow Kid, and aim to get it published to raise awareness and understanding, coming from the mouth of a six-year-old.