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Glen Eira mayor refuses to answer sensational gun claims

The mayor of Glen Eira has refused to answer claims the council voted to allow private security guards from the Jewish community to carry guns in public parks.

A council vote on security matters was carried out under a shroud of secrecy on October 20.

Councillor Mary Delahunty spoke to Neil Mitchell yesterday but said she was gagged by the confidential nature of the closed meeting.

Today, Neil Mitchell grilled the council’s mayor Neil Pilling about the claims but he repeatedly refused to answer questions, only saying security matters discussed at the meeting were of a ‘temporary nature’.

Below are edited extracts of Neil’s interview

Neil: So in October for those specific functions at that time, you approved the carriage of guns in the park?

Mayor: No, as you spoke to Councillor Delahunty, I’m not at liberty to speak the actual details of that motion that was done in confidential. But what I’m assuring your listeners are that the issues discussed at the time in October no longer apply. 

Neil: Why hold it in secret?

Mayor: The majority of councillors felt this issue needed to be dealt with in confidential.

Neil: Are you aware it is illegal for security guards to carry guns in public if they are protecting people?

Mayor: As far as anything we do around negotiating with police or event holders, we are always very conscious of what is the legal requirements

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