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Global cities expert gives report card for Melbourne

Melbourne is lagging behind many global cities because of rising congestion, planning red tape and slow internet speeds, according to a major new study.

Professor Greg Clark, world renowned global cities expert with the OECD and Brookings Institution told Ross and John that against 100 global cities, Sydney ranks 13th and Melbourne ranks 20th.

“But the key story here is not Melbourne against Sydney, I’m more concerned with how Australian cities are doing compared with the German cities, Scandinavian cities and others, that’s where I think the problems lie,” Professor Clark said.

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Professor Clark said Melbourne receives an A+ for:

  • Brand
  • Lifestyle
  • Knowledge economy
  • Universities
  • Tourism
  • The city centre

But all of the Australian cities get a C- for:

  • Infrastructure
  • Congestion
  • Affordability
  • Digital connectivity
  • “The way in which they’re not translating their great universities into a proper innovation economy.”

When asked what is the most livable city in the world for its citizens, the Prof promptly responded, Vienna.