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Study finds some ‘gluten free’ foods failing the test in Melbourne eateries

People suffering from coeliac disease could be unknowingly exposing themselves to gluten after a Melbourne based study on ‘gluten-free’ meals found one in 11 failed the test.

The study, by Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers and City of Melbourne environmental health officers, found 14 per cent of the 158 meals tested contained gluten even though it was claimed there was none in the food.

Dr Jason Tye-Din told Ross and John contamination was a serious issue for sufferers.

“It’s probably no surprise to many patients with coeliac disease who often report feeling sick when they eat out but no one’s really done the study to determine how often this occurs and why,” he said.

He said sufferers often experienced a food poisoning type reaction and acute nauseas.

“We get concerned about the long term effects of gluten on their immune system.”

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