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Goldsack admits frustration at constant rule changes

Retiring Collingwood defender Tyson Goldsack admits he’s been left frustrated by the sport’s rapidly changing interpretations of rules.

Speaking on 3AW Football, he said the inconsistency on numerous rules made it difficult for players to be able to adjust.

“The most frustrating part for players is the inconsistency with knowing what you can and can’t do,” he said.

“Not even throughout a season but from week to week where interpretations can change.

“I think the frustrating part of that is you don’t even know the laws of the game to the full extent and they change from week to week.

“I love that the game evolves whether it’s from season to season or week to week.

“I love the game play between different teams that gives you an edge.”

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(Image: Kelly Defina/Getty Images)