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‘Good news for the young and vulnerable’: Victoria reaches critical ‘herd immunity’ threshold

Immunisation rates have hit record levels across Victoria passing the 95 per cent target to achieve “herd immunity” for the first time.

The Herald Sun reports Health Minister Jill Hennessy will today announce the 95 per cent immunisation target has been reached, thanks to record vaccination rates across Victoria.

Director of the Immunisation Coalition, Professor Paul Van Buynder, explained on 3AW Breakfast what it means.

“Ninety five per cent is important because some of the respiratory diseases particularly diseases like whooping cough and measles are very, very infectious,” he said.

“Each individual infected person can infect up to 15 or 16 other people.

“In order to make sure it doesn’t spread in the community you need that level, the 95 per cent in the community itself to protect it from being spread.

“This actually means those children who are too young they are now being protected in most of Victoria by the other people who have been vaccinated around them

“This is good news for the young and vulnerable in Victoria.”

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