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“Good riddance”: Fired-up Sly on Melbourne’s response to Bourke Street terror

Sly of the Underworld says Victoria Police’s response to Bourke Street has “validated” much of the preparations in place for terrorist attacks.

A fired-up Sly has responded to the claims made on the front page of today’s Age, where a counter-terrorism expert urges Australia to adopt a British style rapid response anti-terror unit.

“Hello, there’s a bit of difference,” Sly told Ross and John.

“In the UK, in London street police don’t carry guns, so they cannot do anything.

“The Commissioner Graham Ashton used the phrase “shoot to kill” over the weekend, that was a slip of the tongue, there is no shoot to kill policy in Victoria Police.

“The police are trained to shoot at the body mass, if there was a shoot to kill policy the officer involved would have fired multiple shots.

“It’s a testament to the academy that the officer reacted exactly as his training taught him.

“The whole event validated much of what we’ve done.

“Police response – immediate.

“The bollards – worked.

“We got on with our lives.

“He failed.

“He’s dead.

“Good riddance.”

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