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Backlash over Google’s ‘bizarre’ decision to delete virtual Uluru walk

Images of the climb up Uluru have been removed from Google Maps after a request from Parks Australia.

It comes after the traditional owners of the land banned walks up the sacred rock last year.

Google’s removal of the images means users can no longer use the street view function to virtually climb Uluru.

Neil Mitchell said it’s a “bizarre” decision.

“I was quite willing to accept the judgement saying ‘we don’t want you climbing it’,” he said.

“This just seems bizarre. You’re not going to do any damage to the rock.”

Geologist and Uluru climb advocate Marc Hendrickx said he doesn’t understand why Google removed the images.

“I don’t think things could get any more bizarre,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“Where’s it going to stop? That’s my question.

“I just can’t see that there’s any benefit for anyone in this at all.”

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