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Google’s drone delivery business gains approval, can deliver food and drink within minutes

Residents who live in parts of Australia’s capital can now receive their favourite takeaway meal from a drone.

Google has launched a world-first commercial air delivery service – dubbed Project Wing – in partnership with parent company Alphabet.

Food, drink and medical supplies have been part of the 12-month trial in Canberra’s north, with approval now given to make the service a more permanent offering.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesperson Peter Gibson said customers only have to way a few minutes to receive their order, which gave it a clear advantage over other delivery methods.

“(A few minutes) is what they work on, it’s really quick,” he told Tom Elliott.

“It’s kind of the attraction of it, from the hive (where products are made) to the customer it’s just minutes.”

Mr Gibson said the service could eventually work in Melbourne but Canberra’s geography made it a more attractive place to trial the system at this stage.

“It’s easier to do it in (Canberra) compared to a place where there’s lots of high-rise buildings and busy roads.

“Trams are all going to complicate things but systems that are being used could be used elsewhere in much bigger cities like Melbourne.”

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