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Gordon Lewis steps down as Victoria’s road safety camera commissioner

Outgoing road safety camera commissioner Gordon Lewis has had one final crack at those who believe speed cameras are little more than ‘revenue raisers’ for the government.

Mr Lewis is stepping down after almost five years in the role and joined Neil Mitchell for one last chat.

Throughout the interview, Mr Lewis;

  • Defended 40 kilometre zones.
  • Told drivers not to trust cruise control.
  • Explained why he was stepping aside.

He also had one final point to make to those questioning the purpose of speed cameras.

‘How can you have speed enforcement unless you have sanctions?’ Mr Lewis questioned.

‘To those people who take great joy in telling me cameras are revenue raisers ? I say ‘you’re spot on, let’s give you a few weeks imprisonment instead.’

‘Nobody seems to show any enthusiasm for that?’

Click PLAY below to hear Gordon’s final interview with Neil (IN FULL)