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Government accused of censorship after demanding Sky News off train station TVs

The government has been accused of censorship after demanding that screens on CBD train stations stop broadcasting Sky News.

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Transport Minister Jacinta Allan this morning tweeted her decision, which comes in the wake of the pay TV broadcaster’s widely-derided move to allow racist extremist Blair Cottrell on-air for an in-studio interview.

Big screens on the tunnel walls facing platforms at city loop stations have been broadcasting Sky News for years.

Ms Allan’s decision to end that arrangement has prompted heavy criticism from 3AW listeners, federal government heavyweight Peter Dutton and Neil Mitchell.

“Good grief,” Neil said. “The thought police have taken control.”

“(Allowing Cottrell on-air) was bad mistake; they apologised, they addressed it, people have been removed from air.

“For Jacinta Allan to ban the whole station is censorship.

“It is absurd. It is the thought police at work.

“There are so many more important things in this state for ministers to be worrying about.”

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Ms Allan defended the decision to Neil Mitchell this morning.

“It is not, Neil,” she said when Neil suggested it was censorship.

“If they want to watch Sky News in the their homes they can do that to their heart’s content.

“This is something I have long been concerned about.”

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