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Government announcement goes no way to addressing unskilled labour shortage: Vic Farmers Federation

An announcement by the federal government designed to assist struggling with labour shortages, goes “no way” to addressing the actual issue, according to the Victorian Farmer’s Federation vice-president.

As reported in the Herald Sun today, the government will relax visa rules, making it easier for farms to take on skilled foreign workers.

But Emma Germano, vice-president of the Victorian Farmers Federation, told Ross and John it doesn’t address the major shortage farmers have.

“The biggest issue that we’ve got is a lack of unskilled labour, and this is going to go no way in any direction to addressing any of that, but that’s a bit typical of the coalition government and the wonderful announcements they’ve been making over the past few months,” Emma said.

“They just want to make these tiny announcements without giving us the Ag visa that we’re asking for.

“The real shortages that we’re seeing, this isn’t really going to address that at all.

“But it’s good to see we’re going to be able to get some footballers and choreographers in because there’s obviously some skill shortages there that we’re just screaming out for as a nation.

“Maybe they can come pick some fruit and vege.”

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