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Government appeal to keep youth offenders in Barwon jail fails

The Court of Appeal has unanimously confirmed the Andrews Government acted unlawfully in transferring youths to Barwon’s adult jail.

Last week, the Supreme Court found the government failed to properly consider the human rights of the youths. 

The government appealed that decision, but today the Court of Appeal found against the government. 

The government has been ordered to move the youths currently being held at the Grevillea unit of Barwon prison by 4.30pm on Friday.

Claudia Fatone from Fitzroy Legal Service told Mark Hawthorne Barwon is not an appropriate place for young offenders.

‘Housing young people in an adult facility does not support any chance of rehabilitation,’ Ms Fatone said.

‘If we want to make the community safer, if we want the lives of these young people and their families better, then that (rehabilitation) should be the focus.

‘That’s why we have a separate youth criminal justice system.

‘We treat young people differently when it comes to voting, drinking, and driving, and interactions with the criminal justice system should be no different.’ 

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