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Government forced to make decision on Uber

Uber is excited to see the Victorian government take action on ride-sharing services.

The Australian Sex Party is introducing a bill on Thursday that would allow for regulation of services like Uber.

Uber’s Public Policy Director, Brad Kitschke, told Tom Elliott the bill will force the government to finally make a decision.

‘They’ve had a lot of conversations, but they haven’t done anything,’ Mr Kitschke said. 

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Earlier, Neil Mitchell took issue with the sketchy details of Senator Patten’s proposal.

‘You’re putting up a bill to regulate ride-sharing, but you’re not saying how to regulate it,’ Neil said.

Neil pressed Ms Patten on several key questions that probably should already have answers.

Neil: I’m confused. You’re about to introduce the bill, have you got the licence fee in it or not?

Ms Patten: No.

Neil: You haven’t?

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