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Graham and his wife were helped to navigate the city by a friendly truckie named Igor

Graham and his wife began their trip early Sunday morning.

They are travelling by caravan from Gippsland heading towards Darwin.

When they got to the city at 4am, they found the Domain Tunnel had closed. 

What are you doing on the road at 4am.

Neil Mitchell spoke with Graham about the ordeal. 

‘We’re trying to avoid the traffic… Neil, we always hear about bad traffic on your program’ 

‘The tunnel was closed and we diverted onto Punt Road.’

‘We were very confused and the SAT nav wasn’t working’ – Graham told 3AW Mornings.

Thankfully a truckie pulled up and asked us them if they were OK. 

Igor the truckie guided Graham and his wife through the city, across the bridge and onto the Calder. 

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Igor heard Neil asking for him to call so he did!

Neil reunited the two, and Graham said his thanks. 

Igor says he was working at the time and was forced to turn off the same as Graham.

‘Igor, If you hadn’t have done that, we would have had to set the caravan up at Gosch’s Paddock!’.

Click PLAY below to hear Neil’s chat with Igor and Graham