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Grampians drowning: Fourth death in three days prompts warning for swimmers

Macquarie National News

There has been a fourth drowning death in three days in Victorian waterways.

It’s been revealed a man drowned yesterday after falling into a rock pool at MacKenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park.

A witness tried to rescue the man but couldn’t reach him.

Police were called and retrieved the body of the man, 27.

Search and rescue officers spent several hours looking for the victim’s body before it was recovered early this morning.

It is the fourth drowning death in Victoria this week.

A father and son drowned at Phillip Island on Christmas eve and a man died during a dive at Cape Schank the following day.

Swimmers have been warned to be careful today, with thousands expected at beaches and waterways during the sweltering heat.

Paul Shannon from Lifesaving Victoria says people often underestimate the dangers associated with taking a dip in natural pools, lakes and rivers.

With our inland waterways, because people can’t see the bottom, what’s under the water, they’re exposing themselves to more risk,” he said.

“Usually our inland waterways are really quite cold underneath so that initial shock in the water is another catalyst.”

Image above: File image of MacKenzie Falls


Macquarie National News