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Grandma saves the day in dramatic 000 roadside birth

A grandma who delivered her grandson on the footpath has been emotionally reunited on air with the Triple Zero call-taker who guided her through the birth.

Moira Patten was about to take her daughter, Gabrielle to the hospital when the contractions began coming “hard and fast” in the middle of the night.

Outside the house on the cold, dark footpath Moira called Triple Zero.

“I could feel the baby crowning in my hand!” Moira told Neil Mitchell.

“The next thing, my gosh, I’m holding the baby.

“The woman on Triple Zero, there are no words I have to express my heartfelt gratitude to her.”

Moira didn’t have a chance to thank the call-taker, so Neil Mitchell made it happen, with Triple Zero operator Kathleen McVeigh joining them on-air.

Moira: Oh my gosh, I’m so overwhelmed, I have no words.

Neil: Have you delivered many babies by phone Kathleen?

Kathleen: I have actually, Theo is my sixth.

Moira: You know what Neil, I think this is a message from my mum who passed away in 2016, whose name was Kathleen.

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