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Greens leader Richard di Natale rips into Liberal defector Cory Bernardi

Greens leader Richard di Natale doesn’t think much of Cory Bernardi.

South Australian Senator Bernardi has defected from the Liberal Party to form his own Conservative party.

And when Tom Elliott asked Mr di Natale what he thought, the Senator didn’t mince his words.

‘Cory Bernardi is six-and-a-half foot of ego but not an inch of integrity,’ he said.

‘This is a bloke who’s a narcissist, he’s so out of touch.

‘If anything, the Liberal Party has moved further to the right since the election.

‘If he had a shred of decency, he would have taken this stand before he went to the election.

‘He’s waited until he gets himself a six-year term in the Senate, a new office, a bunch of staffers, and then turns around and stabs the Liberal Party in the back.’

Mr di Natale also doesn’t think much of Mr Bernardi’s policies, calling them ‘hot air’.

‘He wants to abolish universal healthcare, he wants to abolish public education,’ he said.

‘He thinks that the government’s got no role providing a decent social safety net looking after people.’

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