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Greens seek fair go for ‘gig economy’ workers

The so-called gig economy workers should get paid minimum wage and have access to better working conditions, Greens MP Adam Bandt says.

Introducing a bill into federal parliament today, the Greens have flagged a fairer go for food deliverers including Uber drivers, Uber Eats and Deliveroo cyclists and drivers.

“There’s a proliferation now of using new technology to go back to in some ways are the old ways of working,” Mr Bandt told Tom Elliott.

“What we are finding is many people doing that job they are getting paid less than if they were an employee.

“The forms of the new economy and the convenience that comes with that – there should be a floor put under it.”

Tom Elliott said he couldn’t see how it would work.

“You get paid to do a specific task,” he said.

“The idea you could be guaranteed a certain of amount of money, I don’t see how it could work.”

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Photo: AAP/Mick Tsikas