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Greens senator Larissa Waters passes motion while breastfeeding in parliament

A Greens Senator has created headlines by becoming the first woman to breastfeed while passing a motion in parliament.

MP Larissa Waters has told Tom Elliott she has no problems with it and would do it again.

“When ever my baby is hungry, I’ll feed her. That’s my job as her mum. I can walk and chew gum at the same time,” she said on 3AW Drive.

Waters said she was due to move a motion in the senate when her daughter popped her head up to say she was hungry.

“I had to multitask today!” she said

“It sets a good example to women in the community that they can aspire to be in politics and be a mum, in fact they can aspire to do whatever the hell they like.”

Larissa Waters posted a humorous tweet following the event:

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