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Greg Hunt defends COVIDSafe app, says it has identified ‘many cases’

Health Minister Greg Hunt has defended the COVIDsafe app, saying it has identified “many cases”.

Federal Labor has labelled the multi-million dollar app an “expensive dud” after Professor Brett Sutton said it was a “useful tool” but hadn’t traced extra cases.

But Mr Hunt reiterated that it had been useful.

“The app has identified many cases in terms of people who have been in contact,” he said under questioning from Neil Mitchell.

“What it’s primarily doing is reaffirming the manual process.

“When last I had figures … there were over 30 cases of contacts being identified.”

Meanwhile, Mr Hunt avoid throwing stones over who was to blame for Victoria’s second wave.

Neil: Somebody stuffing up in this state has to take responsibility for the fact that it’s held the whole country back, at some stage.

Mr Hunt: I’m sure there will be. I’ll just put it that way.

Neil: Under the Westminster system it stops with the minister or the premier, doesn’t it?

Mr Hunt: I’ll leave that with the Victorians. You are dangling a carrot in front of me.

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