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Greg Miller talks to Ross Greenwood about Trump’s call to Turnbull


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reportedly been sternly dealt with during a phone call from newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump.

In an article titled ‘No ‘G’day, mate’: On call with Australian prime minister, Trump badgers and brags’, the Washington Post revealed that the call was terminated less than halfway through, with the US President apparently taking issue with a refugee swap arranged between Turnbull and outgoing President Obama.

One of the authors of the article, Greg Miller, who specialises in intelligence agencies and terrorism for the Washington Post, told Money News ‘it’s extremely unusual and extraordinary behaviour, and that’s why we wrote this story’.

‘Most Americans view Australia as among our closest, most reliable allies… even when there are policy differences between these two countries, it is normally handled in a diplomatic way’.

‘To hear about how this exchange went down is a violation of every expectation of American diplomacy’.

Listen to Ross Greenwood’s full interview with Greg Miller here: