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Greyhound export shame: Isn’t this a no-brainer, Barnaby Joyce?

Animals Australia – and Ross and John, for that matter – are can’t work out why Barnaby Joyce isn’t sharpening his pencil.

The animal welfare group has obtained under-cover footage that shows slow Australian greyhounds being exported overseas where the lucky ones enjoy short racing careers before suffering horrible deaths.

‘Any dog that’s sent to Macau is dead within three years,’ Animals Australia director Lyn White told 3AW Breakfast.

And other importers like Vietnam are no better.

Ms White says all that’s required is a ‘very minor’ tweak to legislation by the Agriculture Minister, Mr Joyce.

Ross says it’s a ‘no-brainer’, but Mr Joyce has given the suggestion firm ‘No.’

‘I think everyone is shocked by that,’ Ms White said.

‘The industry itself doesn’t want dogs sent to these countries.’

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