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Grieving family sent Telstra bills despite dad’s death

UPDATE: Telstra has apologised after a grieving family was left frustrated with the company continuing to bill a relative who had passed away despite multiple requests to close the account.

Barry Budge’s father-in-law died in March, and after numerous phone calls and visits to a local Telstra store, the bills haven’t stopped.

He told Neil Mitchell he was assured the account had been closed.

“Telstra have been billing him a monthly fee of $89 for the last 6 months despite lots of phone calls and lots of contact with the Northland Telstra store, who have been quite good actually,” he said.

“The bureaucratic processes of Telstra have stopped me from closing his account.

“It is very distressing.”

Later in the program, Telstra apologised and agreed to credit and close the account.

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Photo: AAP