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Growing unrest: Anti-lockdown protest planned and retailers urged to open

Frustration is growing across the city as lockdown stretches on, with fed up Victorians planning rebellious action.

Premier Daniel Andrews will announce some restriction easing on Sunday, but has indicated there is unlikely to be much relief for businesses included.

A protest to end lockdown is planned in the CBD.

Neil Mitchell has also been sent a copy of a flyer urging businesses to reopen, regardless of the rules.

Rachel, who manages a Lilydale dry cleaners, said she found the flyer on the shop window.

“It was posted on all the stores here in Lilydale,” she said.

“When we got to work yesterday, there it was.”

She said businesses are frustrated and have been pushed to the brink.

“I think small business is sick of it,” she said.

“You’ve got 500 people standing in Coles, but you can’t have three people in Harry’s dress shop in Berwick.”

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