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Growing up with a learning disability, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was able to change the way her brain functioned

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was 27 years old and not able to read the time.

Barbara grew up with a learning disability, but through neuroscience research and neuroplasticity, she was able to transform the way her brain functioned.

Her story has since been put into a book, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain.

Speaking on 3AW Afternoons, Barbara said growing up with a learning disability was a traumatic experience.

‘I struggled to learn how to read, I struggled to learn how to write, numbers didn’t make any sense…I actually got the strap in grade one because my teacher was so frustrated. ‘ she said.

Barbara was able to overcome her learning disabilities and her journey led her to founding the Arrowsmith Program, a program that shows students it’s possible to strengthen cognitive skills.

‘We can change the brain to allow all the learning to go forward and to happen with ease and with joy.’ she said.

Barbara will be giving talks while she is in Melbourne until March 3. ‘The Woman who Changed her Brain’ is out now. For more information visit

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