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Gruesome video shows male chicks being ‘shredded’

A gruesome video has demonstrated just how little value male chicks have to the egg industry. 

The footage, shot in secret by Animal Liberation, shows less than day old chicks being ‘shredded’ on a conveyer belt, inside a hatchery in Bendigo.

Brian Ahmed, President of the Victorian Farmers Federation Egg Group and Owner of LT’s Egg Farm spoke with 3AW Drive about the common practice, known as maceration. 

He defended the industry, saying they are trying to limit the killing of useless male chicks by creating technology that will allow the selection of female chicks in the hatch. 

‘It was the best way to get rid of them at the time, but we knew that we had to come up with a better method,’ he said. 

Click PLAY below to hear Tom’s conversation with Brian Ahmed.