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Hamish McLachlan opens up to Neil Mitchell about a sick friend

An emotional Hamish McLachlan has opened up about a gravely ill friend and her inspirational story.

McLachlan, who was behind a well-publicised feature with Geelong star Jimmy Bartel about domestic violence last week, has followed up with a much more personal interview which will be published in Sunday’s Herald Sun.

His close friend Angie Cunningham is in the advanced stages of motor-neurone-disease.

McLachlan told Neil Mitchell he hoped the feature had a positive impact on the community and the quest to find a cure for the devastating illness.

‘I hope after reading this, we all re-align ourselves with what’s important,’ McLachlan said on 3AW Mornings.

‘You’re in traffic and you get upset ? Ange doesn’t get upset about traffic anymore.

‘She doesn’t get upset about anything.

‘She’s grateful for what she has and for all she’s had.

‘She’s amazing.’

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