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Hammer thrown through car window in ‘terrifying’ unprovoked road rage attack

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The victim of a shocking unprovoked road rage attack has told 3AW Mornings how he was ‘terrified’ when a hammer was thrown through his car window.

Michael Miteff was at the corner of High Street Road and Springvale Road on Wednesday about 5.30am when the weapon was thrown at his car.

“It was quite terrifying, I was absolutely frightened,” Michael told Tony Jones.

“I did view a car a kilometre or so back going through some red lights, and I thought, ‘how silly a person are you’.

“I was at the intersection of Springvale Road and there was a car turning right, which was three lanes away from me.

“Next thing I hear is a very, very loud bang and shards of glass everywhere.”

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“Had it been a few centimetres forward it would have been my head, had I been carrying a child in a restraint it could have been them,” Michael said.

He didn’t manage to get a clear look at the car after it took off, but Michael believes it was a sedan, dark in colour, maybe Mazda or Ford.

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