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Has Vegemite changed? Phones light up with devotees

Has Vegemite changed?

Several callers say ‘Yes’, and Ross Stevenson has joined their way of thinking.

Lorraine started the discussion with a Grouse Or S’house contribution this morning.

“I’ve got a s’house for Vegemite, it’s become tart,” Lorraine said.

The phones soon lit up with other Vegemite devotees.

Brooke: “It used to be matt and now it’s shiny.”

Steve: “It’s become spreadable, and it gives me reflux.”

Ross said it was on Saturday morning that he felt like his Vegemite tasted… different.

He pondered whether it could be related to the fact that Vegemite received vegan certification in recent weeks.

Vegemite was quick to respond, confirming there has been no recipe change.

But they did point out Vegemite is made from natural ingredients, including yeast, so there can be fluctuations from time to time.

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