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Hawthorn car flip drama: Witnesses tell of ‘sleepy’ driver’s alleged escape

A driver who flipped his car in spectacular fashion in a Hawthorn street has been accused of running away from the scene.

Witnesses have told Neil Mitchell they saw the driver falling asleep behind the wheel before the crash on Power Street early this morning.

The crashed car landed on its side across tram tracks, halting peak hour services.

Another car was hit but it’s not believed anyone was injured.

Witness Andre claims he helped the crash driver from the car, only to watch him flee.

“I saw the guy fall asleep at the wheel and start accelerating towards another car,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I helped him out of the car, trying to see if he was alright, and before I knew (it) he was half way up the street.

“I looked back again to see if he was there and he was just gone.”

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