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“He is not a predator”: Kennett says community suffers with departure of Doyle

Former Premier and long-time former Chair of Beyond Blue Jeff Kennett says Robert Doyle has been treated “terribly” and the community has lost a great administrator particularly with his departure from Melbourne Health.

“I do feel he has been terribly treated,” Jeff told Neil Mitchell.

“Please don’t get me wrong, I do not support inappropriate workplace behaviour in any shape or form.

“I say this having known Robert for perhaps 40 years, he is not a predator.”

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“We as a community have lost a very good administrator,” he said.

“Jill Hennessy, the Minister for Health, for whom I’ve always had high regard, I was appalled the other day when she said based on one complaint from the hospital system that she was going to set up an independent inquiry of Robert’s 10-years of running Melbourne Health.

“This was a political witch hunt from her and I’m very disappointed in her personally.”