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‘He needs help’: Refugee advocates say Behzad Bashiri is ‘Australia’s concern’

Questions have been raised about an Iranian refugee police say should be deported, after a court heard of threats to bomb Australia.

Police recently detailed to the Sunshine Magistrate’s Court Behzad Bashiri’s troubled past, including pouring petrol over himself and threatening to ignite himself,  as reported in today’s Herald Sun.

The newspaper reports he was convicted of threatening and stalking police officers.

He remains in detention indefinitely.

Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition told Neil Mitchell he needed access to psychiatric services.

“The only reason people are talking about deportation in this case is because the guy is Iranian,” he said.

“He’s a refugee Neil, which means that Australia has given him protection because he is a refugee.

“He is Australia’s concern now.

“I think it’s very wrong of the police to run off to the minister.

“The guy obviously needs help, he doesn’t need detention.”

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