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‘He threw me to the ground and started kicking me’: Mother says she was violently attacked at Marvel Stadium

A woman says she was violently thrown to the floor and kicked by another football goer at Marvel Stadium on Saturday night.

Alicia told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell she was violently assaulted at the St Kilda v Melbourne match, which she attended with her three children.

Her youngest daughter, 10, kicked the seat in front of her and the woman sitting in the seat allegedly turned around and yelled at the girl.

Alicia asked the woman not to speak to her daughter and a verbal argument broke out.

“They were telling me that I was a bad mum,” she said.

Alicia claims the woman’s partner threw his beer at her before the couple left their seats to exit the stadium.

“I chased after them and that’s when he assaulted me,” she said.

“He threw me to the ground and started kicking me.”

The victim has significant bruising to her legs following the attack and is awaiting x-ray results for a possible fractured or broken elbow.

She alerted security after the attack and police have the alleged attackers name and phone number, but haven’t been able to contact him.

Alicia says she wants to see her attacker barred from attending future matches.

“I want him banned from all future games,” she said.

“That’s not the kind of behaviour that should be at the football.”

3AW Mornings callers were divided on the issue.

“If I’m with my children the same age at the footy that wouldn’t have happened,’ caller Claire said.

“She (Alicia) just courted that trouble.”

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