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‘He wanted me to hug him’: Woman’s devastating account her dad’s death from COVID-19

A woman whose father died after contracting COVID-19 at Glendale Aged Care in Werribee has described the heartbreaking experience of having a loved one die with COVID-19.

Annie’s father, Vince, died on Monday night after a two week battle with the deadly virus.

“It was so quick, from a healthy man two weeks ago … to being told our father is not going to make it,” she said in a tear-jerking call to Neil Mitchell.

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Annie said her father didn’t know who she was because of all of the PPE she was required to wear when she visited him.

“I was actually talking to dad and he did not recognise me because of all the stuff I had on,” she said.

Because of visitation restrictions, Annie couldn’t be with her father in his final moments.

“I had to say goodbye to him on FaceTime,” she said.