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Woman violently attacked by kangaroo while walking dog

Image: Nine News

A woman has been violently attacked by a kangaroo while walking her dog in Wodonga.

Dina needed 25 stitches to her face, and narrowly avoided losing an eye in the attack.

But she says doesn’t blame the animal for turning on her.

“He was an alpha male so he would have been between six and seven feet tall. He was a very ripped, very muscly guy,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

Dina’s dog had approached the kangaroo before she got there, and she says the animal was probably just scared.

“I reckon he was just looking after his mob because my dog had actually bailed him up for about 10 to 15 minutes before I caught up with him.”

“He had bailed him up quite close to the fence, so the poor roo felt trapped.

“He was doing what anybody would do in a situation where they felt threatened, and he wanted to protect himself.”

The roo scratched Dina’s face, kicked her and took a chunk out of her leg, and jumped up and down on her back.

She says she can’t remember how she got away.

“The last thing the roo did, I was on my stomach and he was jumping up and down on my back,” she said.

Two rescuers, Tayla and Kayla, who may be paramedics-in-training, came to Dina’s aid after the attack.

Dina hopes to get in touch with the pair to thank them for helping her. If anyone know’s who Kayla and Taylor are, get in touch with Neil at!

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