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‘He was spitting, shouting, trying to grab me’: Woman tells of shocking cyclist road rage

The young victim of a frightening road rage incident has emotionally recalled the terrifying experience of being attacked by a cyclist in South Yarra yesterday.

Tarrah Burns told Neil Mitchell she was parked on St Kilda Road near Commercial Road at 2.30pm when the incident occurred.

“I made the assumption that I had enough time to get in and close the door before the cyclist went past, which I did,” she said.

“The cyclist stopped his bike, opened my door and lunged across to take a swing at me.

“He was spitting, shouting at me, trying to grab me.”

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“He basically was verbally abusing me, trying to get at me, I was basically on the passenger side seat at this point trying to get away from his blows,” she said.

“Lucky for me there was a Toll driver who was looking on at the time that came to my rescue and basically pulled him off the car.”

Tarrah said she is yet to report the incident to police, as she didn’t get a photo of the man.

“I felt like I didn’t have enough evidence,” she said.

Neil said it was “dangerous and unacceptable behaviour” and that 3AW Mornings would look into CCTV in the area to see if images of this man could be found.

Photo: Tarrah Burns, Instagram