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Heartbreak + climate change: The fascinating story behind the strange bird call waking Ross’s neighbourhood

Ross Stevenson had a feeling a noisy bird outside his home was trying to tell him something, but he had no idea just how deep and meaningful that something was.

Birdlife Australia editor Sean Dooley joined 3AW Breakfast this morning to shed some light on the loud and unique call that has serenaded Ross and his neighbours in recent days.

The bird in question, he revealed, was a Pacific Koel, a migratory bird.

And what was he singing? A tale of heartbreak and climate change, apparently.

Mr Dooley said the bird was first spotted in Melbourne only 20 years ago.

“For any of the climate skeptics out there, I think this might be the thing that turns them,” he said.

“It’s pretty likely that this is one of a number of birds that, due to the change in climate, are actually heading further south and west, so we’re getting quite a few rainforest birds that are expanding their range.”

And why the repetitive call?

“Your bird’s probably a bit lonely and he’s calling out looking for a mate,” Mr Dooley said.

“If he doesn’t find one, you’re in trouble for the next few weeks.”

Click PLAY to hear the bird call, followed by Ross and John’s chat with Sean Dooley