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Heartbreaking photo of George H.W. Bush’s service dog lying by his casket goes viral

A moving photo of Sully the service dog lying beside former US President George H.W. Bush’s casket has gone viral around the world.

Neil Mitchell, who is a devoted dog lover, said he too was moved by it.

“It is lovely and heartwarming, and sad, to see the dog curled up by the coffin,” Neil said.

Dr Kersti Seksel, Vet and animal behaviour specialist, told Neil Mitchell dogs can follow their owners smell even after death.

“I think there’s a big strong bond between dogs and their masters and if he’s a service dog he would have developed a strong relationship with George Bush Sr,” Dr Seksel said.

“The remains would still have bodily smells, and remember your dog can smell your fingerprint on a pane of glass, six weeks after you leave it there.

“We certainly know dogs can mourn the loss of someone, or another pet in the family.”

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