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‘Rotten mongrels’ snatch man’s car a day after he lost everything in a house fire

“Rotten” thieves have snatched a car from a St Albans man just a day after his home went up in flames.

On Tuesday morning, the man and his dog narrowly escaped their home unscathed, thanks to the heroic actions of neighbour Dianne Dejanovic, but all of their possessions were lost.

Devastatingly, the following night the man’s car, a maroon 1996 HSV Senator, with the registration plate ‘YKD 855’, was stolen from the street outside the burnt out home.

“Some rotten mongrels came and stole their car from the front of the house,” neighbour Dianne told Neil Mitchell.

“They’ve got not one scrap of clothing on their back.

“That was his pride and joy, that was the only thing he had left after the fire, his car.

‘Now he’s got nothing.

“How low can people go?”

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If you see this car, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or at